Custom Designed Furniture

We specialise in custom made pieces to suit the design of your home and complement your furnishings. Our master craftsmen utilise quality Australian timbers, including, Mountain Ash, Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum, Jarrah Red Gum.

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Bespoke Furniture Makers

We know that you’re sick and tired of looking through endless catalogues with the same old imported volume products staring back at you. We know that you wish for something fresh and unique to separate your home from everyone else’s. We also know how you can tap into something far more interesting without necessarily having to spend a fortune. Bespoke furniture makers are the perfect solution for anyone that wants to level up their home and create something that is theirs alone.


Makers of Bespoke Furniture in Melbourne

For those in the know, at Full House Furniture, we are the go-to experts that can make your dream furniture a reality. Our showroom in Dandenong, Melbourne is a hub of ideas and beautiful designs that you won’t find on the shop shelves or in the catalogues. While we are master craftspeople that have earned our reputation over twenty plus years of dedicated work, we like to engage with our customers in a meaningful way in order to realise something new that will speak to who they are in their homes.


The difference between what you will gain by choosing to drop into us versus browsing the aisles is flexibility. We are inspired by the creative instincts of our customers and love to work with them on the designs that they have in mind. We can craft the best of furniture for you, no matter what dimensions you have to work with or what your preferences are with regards to shape and colour.


The Difference When Working With Bespoke Furniture Makers

As makers of bespoke furniture, we are committed to not only achieving a high-quality result for you, but we also want to create something that will be of value. Naturally, your first instincts will be to design something that will complement the furnishings that you already have. However, once you have that piece of furniture, you will quickly appreciate just how much it ties the room together and adds immense value, elegance and style.


Furniture is without a doubt an investment. It is something to take seriously and think about before you splash out. However, while custom furniture is often considered expensive and, therefore, somewhat inaccessible, the truth is that you are the one in charge of the outcome.


Here at Full House Furniture, we have been in the industry long enough to be able to afford a lower price point for our customers. That means that we are willing to take into consideration your budget and work with you to realise a finished product that looks and feels amazing and ticks the box in terms of cost.


This is your chance to be unique. Working with a master craftsman, instead of engaging with a faceless global manufacturer that delivers a standardised look empowers you to implement your creative instincts and directly influence the aesthetic of your home.


Make Your House a Home

When you are planning to change the look in your home, undertaking a renovation, or are about to furnish that new build for the very first time, let your desire for beauty, comfort and style dictate where you source your furniture. Price always factors in, but trust us, when you invest in quality that is built to last, your money goes a lot farther and gives you a far greater return.


At Full House Furniture, we are Melbourne’s best bespoke furniture makers. We would like nothing more than for you to call into us any day of the week with your ideas so that we can show you what can be achieved. If you want to create a wonderful, unique Australian piece of furniture then our showroom should be your first and only destination.

Full House Furniture is the best furniture store in Dandenong. We specialise in custom made furniture, such as dining tables. We also sell IMG recliners and other IMG furniture. Visit our website to get directions to our showroom or call us to learn more.

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Watch our short video to find out more about our custom made furniture service.

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Everything you need to make your house a home

Our showroom is conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburb of Dandenong. Just 5 Minutes from Eastlink, we are open 7 days.