Custom Designed Furniture

We specialise in custom made pieces to suit the design of your home and complement your furnishings. Our master craftsmen utilise quality Australian timbers, including, Mountain Ash, Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum, Jarrah Red Gum.

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Handmade Furniture In Melbourne

Do you have a design in mind for a piece of furniture for your home? Have you looked far and wide but fail to find the exact piece that will suit the dimensions you have available? The solution to your problem is handmade furniture. Plenty of shoppers with discerning taste are moving away from the traditional off-the-shelf options that are seen in homes all around the country. Familiarity does little to inspire a sense of true comfort and luxury in your home. As such, through crafting an item that is unique, you not only gain functionality but added value.


Master Craftsmen of Handmade Furniture in Melbourne

At Full House Furniture, we work with residents of Melbourne and its surrounding environs all year around to bring the most beautiful pieces of furniture to life. Our clients want something that is different from the norm. They want to achieve a look and feel that speaks to who they are. Most of all, they want to see the money they are about to invest in furniture generate a return, that is, by sustaining them for many years and offering them consistently high-quality functionality.


We source all of our solid wood from local sources to ensure that you can achieve an Australian custom build that is unique to the city and environment that you live in. Our team of problem solvers are here to make the impossible possible in your home. So, don’t fret if you have unique dimensions in mind, our twenty plus years of experience and honing our craft makes us the perfect people for the job.


Make a Statement with Handmade Furniture

Finding handmade furniture in Melbourne isn’t difficult if you know where to look. Our showroom, for example, is actually a destination point for furniture. Brand names often overwhelm and distract from our tasteful setting, but once you step through our doors just five minutes from Eastlink in Dandenong, you will feel like you’ve struck gold.


Our showroom is open seven days a week and affords you insights into the level of design, craft and skill that are yours to tap into. You won’t find hard sell tactics here like in other furniture stores. We are much more interested in speaking with you and learning what you hope to achieve in your home. With our team on your side, you have the chance to make a statement in your home and separate it from the familiar designs typical throughout the country.


It’s one thing to find a look that appeals when it comes to mass-produced furniture, and quite something else for it to adhere exactly to the space that you have available. That’s why when you choose handmade furniture you always get the perfect fit. No matter what kind of piece you are looking for, or how you want to use space, we can work with you to create something that is truly one-of-a-kind.


Drop in and Let’s Discuss Your Ideas

When you choose to work with a master craftsman, peace of mind and confidence that you will get exactly what you want is a given. Our furniture is built to last and affords you an exceptional, high-quality item that will stand the test of time. We believe that involving you in the process ensures that we create something that is inherently yours and as close as possible to the ideal result.


At Full House Furniture, we make, deliver and will install your brand new handmade furniture to your Melbourne home. We can lower the price point to make our custom builds affordable for you, so if you have a budget we can work together to achieve as much as possible.


All that’s left is for you to drop into the showroom for a browse and a chat. We would love to discuss your ideas, share our thoughts and create something that is truly beautiful for your home.

Full House Furniture is the best furniture store in Dandenong. We specialise in custom made furniture, such as dining tables. We also sell IMG recliners and other IMG furniture. Visit our website to get directions to our showroom or call us to learn more.

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Our showroom is conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburb of Dandenong. Just 5 Minutes from Eastlink, we are open 7 days.