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Custom Furniture

When buying furniture, people usually prefer practicality over style. Many consider personalised furniture as a luxury, as seen in homes of celebrities and other famous personalities. Contrary to what people think, it is actually more practical to get customized furniture in the long run.


Getting a piece of furniture that is a perfect fit for your home is easier when you have someone build your desired furniture. It’s more efficient than going around to furniture shops, hoping that you will find the perfect match.


Full House Furniture are experts in creating custom made furniture in Melbourne, and we are happy to walk you through the benefits of custom furniture.


Why Custom Furniture?

Upon comparing a lot of mass-produced furniture to its customized counterparts, you can see the difference in quality, from the materials to the design. Craftsmen devote more time and care into the creation of custom furniture. Not just because it’s supposed to be special, but because it’s something that’s going to be unique to your home.


You’re a part of the process when you order custom built furniture in Melbourne. Your input is necessary as designs are drafted and shared with you. You tell us what you like and what we could improve on. That’s how you know that you’re bringing home something special. You’re seeing the design and knowing that it’s unique to you.


Cost Perspective

The cost of custom-made furniture varies from maker to maker. It depends on the materials, specifications, and the labour involved. With made to order furniture, they only provide a quote once all of the details have been finalized.


Getting something customised by a skilled craftsperson is not something you will achieve at the lowest possible price. However, when compared to buying at a furniture store, you will be surprised that the cost difference is not large.


Custom design furniture in Melbourne shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. It should be reasonably priced to reflect the quality and work that went into creating it.



It takes many years of experience and training to be a master craftsman. Their creative influence is usually a combination of their experiences building furniture in the past. Trends are fluctuating, so they are constantly adapting. What’s popular today may not be popular tomorrow, and your skills need to be at their best.


They are highly proficient individuals when it comes to design, knowing what is going to be the right fit for your home. That’s why it’s important for us to have craftsmen who are constantly up-to-date with the latest in furniture design.


Custom Made Furniture Is Worth It

The process for getting custom furniture in Melbourne may be longer than getting furniture from a shop. However, the results are worth the wait.


It may be slightly more expensive than furniture. But when you see the perfect fit for your room arrive, you will know that it was worth it. Seeing the level of work that went in, the quality of the materials and a design that speaks to you, you can’t help but be speechless when it arrives at your home.


You’re bringing home something that no one else has in the world, because it’s a piece of furniture that is unique to your home and can’t be found elsewhere.


Full House Furniture is the best furniture store in Dandenong. We specialise in custom made furniture, such as dining tables. We also sell IMG recliners and other IMG furniture. Visit our website to get directions to our showroom or call us to learn more.

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Varieties of timber : Mountain Ash, Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum, Jarrah Red Gum