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According to research, 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain. Most of them are adults. Getting a recliner is a proven solution to address this problem and to ensure relaxation as well. When health is on the line, cost should never be an issue. But with IMG, price will be the least of your worries.


Established in Norway, IMG has a mission has to create comfortable, supportive and long-lasting seating solutions. With a plethora of affordable recliner varieties, you will definitely find the perfect one for you. Here are the qualities that make IMG recliners different from the other recliners you might be considering.


Extremely Comfortable

Comfort is what every recliner manufacturer promises. Recliners are referred to as a super chair that provides support for getting up and standing up easier. IMG makes sure to live up to that promise with their wide selection of recliners.


It employs a wide variety of the positions and comes with a remote control which simplifies the natural movement of the chair in many directions. Older users or people who suffer from back pain will benefit the most from this function. It is also great for people who just want a good rest after a long and tiring day.


IMG chairs have a combination of comfort, quality, and unsurpassed value. By studying the human body, they have developed a pattern for every piece of furniture they make. As a result, they managed to deliver furniture for daily use that balances creative design with ergonomics and space efficiency.


Outstanding Pain Reliever

When we get past our prime, we are expected to get weaker. Our bones become more brittle than before, and our muscles strain often. Many of us in our 20s have been suffering chronic neck and back pains already. Recent studies show that enduring back problems result from chairs that do not recline. These health risks are precisely the reason why recliners work for all ages.


IMG recliner chairs allocate the weight for easing the discomfort in these areas. They also relieve the pressure points on the joints and muscle.


Their Soho line integrates luxury and relief resulting in the seamless chair for home and executive offices alike. The “Just Right” Headrest™ function serves to support your neck and head gently. With these functions, you can guarantee a healthier circulation of blood and maximum body comfort after a day’s work.


Improve Posture

Along with health, posture also deteriorates with age. This happens when we sit for a prolonged period, especially during office hours. With IMG recliners, you can relax your body and get your posture back on track.


IMG recliners are manufactured and designed with features which are helpful for the prevention of postural decline and other spinal deformities. They even have a tilt-in-space function for those who want an elevated position. With this redistribution of weight, you will reduce a lot of pressure on the neck and spine, allowing you to rest in a healthy and natural position while sitting.


IMG is now offering gliding and swiveling functions, as well as motorized, headrest and lumbar support function. These new functions are presented in their Chelsea and Verona models. These chairs have an interior steel frame with supple springs encased in cold-cure molded foam for correcting the back and lumbar area.


Revolutionary Features

IMG offers many features aside from ensuring comfort and improving the well-being of its consumers. Their chairs have a backrest that can be tilted back for support. As an addition, you can also get a footrest that enables a partially slouched position.


IMG recliners can also be customised. You can customise it with endless combinations to suit your style and needs. Power, USB ports, and battery options are also available. Their Motion Arms include a small convenience table, cup holders, and internal storage.


Functionality Combined with Style

Whatever your purpose may be in getting a recliner, it is undeniable that it looks sophisticated when placed in any home. When it comes to design options, IMG genuinely never disappoints. All of their materials are carefully selected to warrant optimal performance. They are individually evaluated to deliver the correct style and comfort for each model.


They design all of their seating from the inside out. Every time you sit in an IMG recliner, you will feel the Scandinavian vibe combined with ergonomics, old-world craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology.


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