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Our Master Craftsmen specialise in unique furniture designs, ustilising quality, locally sourced timbers to produce stand out pieces for home and living.

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Our standard range of home furnishings are designed to complement an array of home interior styles and modern living spaces.

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Our interior specialists have hand selected a range of stand out homewares. Available in store now.


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Custom Designed Furniture


We specialise in custom made pieces to suit the design of your home and complement your furnishings. Our master craftsmen utilise quality Australian timbers, including, Mountain Ash, Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum, Jarrah Red Gum.

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Australian Made Furniture

If you’re looking for new furniture, you have a lot of options available to you. Your local furniture store likely has furniture from every corner of the world. The variety is impressive, but perhaps you’re looking for something locally made.


You’re looking for Australian made furniture, furniture that is made here and fits the furniture trends here. There’s nothing wrong with furniture from overseas, but you don’t get the opportunity to create something that’s right for your home.


At Full House Furniture, we’ve been making custom furniture in Melbourne for years. We know how important it is for you to get the right piece of furniture for your home. Instead of buying something from a furniture store, something created locally might be the perfect piece that helps turn your house into a home.


We Make Furniture Locally

All of our custom furniture is built here in Melbourne. Our materials come from different places around Australia, but it’s built locally all the time. Our craftsmen are some of the best in the industry and spend every day refining their skills to make every design come alive.


This helps us build custom furniture at prices that are affordable. We make the building process as simple as possible without involving anything unnecessary. Building it locally means we know the trends that are popular in Australian homes, instead of following trends popular in another country.


Our Process Puts Us In Front Of You

When you’re coming to us for custom made furniture, we don’t forward your request somewhere in another country. We’re the people you interact with, get to know, and the ones who guide you through our design process.


You build a relationship with us as we work to find the perfect design. We’re not redirecting your questions or waiting for someone else to get back to us. We answer your questions as quickly as we can, and you can come down to visit us at our showroom.


Your Furniture Is Brought To You Faster

Our furniture is built here in Melbourne, which means when it’s finished we can get it to you sooner. It’s likely to be shorter than if you ordered something internationally, where shipping something that heavy could take a long time. The costs could be greater as well.


We deliver the furniture right to your door, which allows us to give you the final product in person.


Australian Made Furniture Is Great

Custom made Australian furniture is a great addition for homes in Melbourne. You have the knowledge of experienced craftsmen who have locally sourced materials to build your desired furniture.


There’s nothing wrong with furniture from international locations. But it may not be the perfect fit for your home, and it may not appeal to you as it would in a different country. Australian made furniture, when it is custom made, is designed to be a fit for your home.


If you would like to see more examples of Australian made custom furniture, visit our showroom in Dandenong. You can see the quality of your work and talk to us about what we can do for you.


Australian Made Furniture Stores in Melbourne

Are you someone that has a very distinctive taste? Do you look beyond the normal, factory-built options when you shop? Is your goal to adorn your home with the very best of Australian made furniture? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then we expect that you are constantly on the lookout for the very best furniture stores in Melbourne. The good news is that you have finally found a manufacturer that not only offers something high quality and unique, but is willing to realise your designs.


Here at Full House Furniture, we have spent the past twenty years and counting delivering world-class furniture solutions for our clients. Our extensive experience in the building and manufacturing industries affords us a level of prestige that is seldom matched. This ensures each person that walks through the doors of our showroom in Dandenong a finish that is of a superior end result that will exceed all expectations.


We appreciate that you are proud of your home and only want to furnish it with items that speak to your taste and sophistication. Our master craftsmen are here to offer you stunning furniture concepts, beautiful designs and exceptional value. You are in the market to acquire beautiful furniture and we are the go-to people to create the very best furniture to match your aspirations.


The Secret to Australian Made Furniture

As a stylish person that has their finger on the pulse of taste and design, we expect that you may have noticed items in the homes either of friends, colleagues or simply as you pass through the world and wondered where they found such delightful items.


We expect that you have searched many furniture stores that note their products are Australian made only to never find the exact same items for sale. The truth is that many of the furniture pieces that we hand-crafted right here in Melbourne have garnered considerable praise and attention for our clients. It would not surprise us to learn that the items you covet were made in our workshop.


At Full House Furniture, we don’t believe in mass production. The only way to achieve mass production and profit is to use inferior materials. This is something that we are strongly opposed to. We understand that a homeowner invests in furniture because they have a vision for their home. They want to sustain the aesthetic for some time and do not want to have to replace items prematurely.


As such, when you drop into our showroom to chat with our friendly, knowledgeable team, you will gain a deep appreciation of the incredible choice and design available. This is your chance to create a spectacular piece of furniture that will turn heads and really make an impression in your home.


An Alternative to Mass-Produced Furniture

We have the ability to design and make furniture for people that want a specific design or a specific look in their home. As such, we position our services as an alternative to mass-produced, off-the-shelf furniture products. We custom build, deliver and install each product that we make, so you don’t have to worry about instructions or how to get it into your home. We are professionals and we are here to serve your interests.


You will find the very best of Australian made furniture here at Full House Furniture. What’s more, we invite you to bring your designs and become part of our history. Together we can make the beautiful furniture that is built to last, deliver exceptional comfort and take its place in your home for many years to come. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Full House Furniture is the best furniture store in Dandenong. We specialise in custom made furniture, such as dining tables. We also sell IMG recliners and other IMG furniture. Visit our website to get directions to our showroom or call us to learn more.

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