Your Guide to Buying the Best Dining Chairs for Your Kitchen

Your Guide to Buying the Best Dining Chairs for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is where you cook, serve food, and socialise with loved ones during mealtime. And no cooking space would be complete without selecting the proper dining chairs. 

Besides being crucial in ensuring the users' comfort and functionality, these pieces of furniture can also improve your home's aesthetic. However, finding the right ones for your home can be tricky, especially with numerous options. 

If you want to make the best decisions for your kitchen, this article will help you find the best dining chairs by providing the ideal measurements and arrangements. We'll also enumerate the typical materials and types and some dining chair features to consider. 

Chair Sizing 

Whether serving a quick weeknight meal or having friends over, you must select suitable dining chairs to ensure maximum comfort. Here are some measurements you must consider. 

1. Chair Heights 

The top of the chairs’ seats must be 12 inches from the dining table’s top. You should also ensure that the tops of the chairs’ arms must be seven inches from the bottom of the tabletop or apron. Moreover, chair seats must be 18 inches off the floor, and bar stools or chairs should be 28 to 32 inches high for counters 40 to 44 inches high. 

2. Chair Widths 

Dining chairs must ideally be about six inches apart. They should also be at least 16 to 20 inches wide, occupying around 28 to 36 inches of the table’s perimeter. Moreover, ensure additional comfort by positioning the backs of the chairs at least three feet away from the walls so people can enter and exit quickly. 

3. Dining Chair Arrangement

Rectangular or oval tables 72, 96, and 120 inches long can fit six, eight, and ten chairs, respectively. In contrast, round or square tables 48, 60, and 72 inches in diameter or length can accommodate four, six, and eight, respectively. On the other hand, you can determine how many chairs can fit in a bar or counter by dividing the length by inches by 30. 

6 Common Dining Chair Materials 

After enlisting the measurements, here are six common dining chair materials you can consider for your home. 

1. Metal 

Metal chairs are popular among homeowners because they can give a room a shiny and modern look. While they may be easy to clean and maintain, metal chairs can be uncomfortable without a cushion or upholstered seat. 

2. Plastic 

Dining chairs manufactured from plastic are an inexpensive, lightweight, and colourful option for active households. They’re available in different shapes, and you can embellish them with details. 

3. Wicker 

You can usually find this woven material on chair seats, giving the space an extra cushioning layer and a country-style feel. While wicker chairs typically don’t have upholstery, you can add seat cushions for a cosier look. 

4. Wood

Wood is a time-honoured material for crafting dining room furniture. Popular pieces include all-wood chairs, chairs with upholstered seats and wood legs, and wooden accents like arms and backs. The wood’s versatility also allows manufacturers to create pieces with intricate, eye-catching designs. 

5. Upholstered Seats 

Upholstered dining chairs offer comfort, style, and fabric customisation. Your options include fabric and leather with padding and easy-to-clean materials like leather, faux leather, and vinyl.

6. Non-Upholstered Seats

Non-upholstered dining chairs are ideal for homes with kids because they’re easier to clean, and you can add cushions or slipcovers for comfort. 

Dining Chair Types and Features to Consider

When selecting suitable dining chairs for your dining room, you can choose from styles like armchairs, benches, parsons, and side chairs. You can also invest in features like casters, swivelling, and tilting to increase comfort and usability.


Being a responsible homeowner means selecting the best dining chairs for your house. You can ensure everyone enjoys mealtime by choosing the best measurements, materials, types, and features.

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