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How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table

Coffee tables are an important staple of any living room, and choosing the right one for your home can be overwhelming. There are a few key things to consider when searching for a new coffee table, such as style and finish. After examining these options and creating a short list of your favorites, you can begin to weigh your options in terms of cost, available space, and aesthetic appeal.

Here, your trusted makers of custom made furniture in Melbourne shares some tips:

Tips for Choosing the Right Coffee Table

1. Choose a Style That Suits the Overall Look of the Room

The first step in choosing a coffee table is deciding what your overall style is. Do you want a modern, clean look or do you prefer a traditional, rustic look for your living room? Once you have a general idea about what you want, you can begin to examine your options in more detail.

The style of the coffee table and the size of the room need to work together to make a cohesive design. A small, glass table will look out of place in a very large, rustic room. When choosing your coffee table, choose one that compliments your overall furniture.

2. Pick a Material That Suits Your Needs

After choosing your overall style, you can move on to the more specific style of your coffee table based on the material. Here are some popular choices:


These tables are a great option if you want something sleek and modern. They look really modern and chic, which makes them great for very contemporary homes. If you prefer a simple look,  glass will be a great option.


Wood is a really popular option for coffee tables because it is sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing. It can be used as an accent piece especially ones that look like or are actually antiques.


Metal tables are typically more modern and sleek. They are also very durable. A metal table can also be great for rustic or industrial styles.

3. Choose the Perfect Size

When it comes to sizing, the right size depends on the space where you are going to place the table. If you have a small living room, you might find that a smaller option will be preferable. If you have a larger room and a lot of seating, a larger coffee table will be a better fit.

4. Check the Craftsmanship

Fabrication and quality are important factors to consider before purchasing a coffee table. There are many different types of materials and each has its own set of pros and cons. Before buying, check to see how well the table is made. The coffee table should have a sturdy base and keep its shape. It should also be durable, safe, and easy to clean.

5. Consider the Price

A coffee table can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands. It really depends on the material and the overall style of the piece. If you are choosing a glass table, make sure to look for tempered glass. This is the strongest type of glass and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.


Picking a coffee table can be overwhelming, but the right choice can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. By choosing the right style, size, and material, you will be sure to find the right coffee table for your living room. Better yet, when you’ve decided what you want, you can get custom-made coffee tables that will be truly unique!

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