console table

How to Add a Console Table to the Rooms in Your House

A console table is a small tabletop usually supported against a wall. It is an excellent piece of furniture because it looks minimal, takes up little space and is functional. If you have just gotten a console table for your home or plan to get one, we will be glad to suggest where to place it at home.

1. Living Room

If you have a very spacious living room, a console table can easily accompany a sofa. It can serve as a perfect spot for your guests to put down their glasses or switch from another activity to a more relaxed one. Furthermore, it could serve as an ideal spot to display nice pictures or your favourite piece of artwork.

Try to choose a more modern-looking console table for the living room. We recommend one similar to your wall colours to blend it in. This prevents your living room from looking too crowded.

2. Study

You can never have too many desks or workspaces in your study. Place your console table next to an outlet in your office to act as another, smaller desk. If you want to get away from work at your primary desk, you can sit down at the console table to read or have a cup of coffee.

Try to get a console table with drawers or a small shelf for your study. This will add extra storage, and you can place your office supplies, documents, and other items used for working.

3. Dining Room

It may feel odd to place a console table in the dining room, but we promise you that it is an absolute genius move. You can set it near the entrance or next to the dining table. This will help prevent your dining room from looking empty, especially if decorated with a vase or some art pieces on top.

If you choose a console table with some drawers, you can use the drawers to store utensils, table napkins, and more. This allows you a functional console table inside your dining room instead of just a decorative one.

4. Entryway

An entryway is an essential part of a home. It is the first thing people will see when they come inside the house. It is important to make your entryway look as beautiful as possible.

We highly recommend an entryway console table. Decorate it with photos and flowers for people to see. Some may even use it as a shoe rack if they prefer having their guests leave their shoes outside.

5. Bedroom

Instead of using a gigantic vanity desk that will take up too much space, consider a console table instead. It has a decent amount of space that should be more than enough to hold all your cosmetics and jewellery.

We recommend placing it next to your bed and adding mirror or ring lights. Or, if you have a window, you can put it next to that for more natural lighting.


A console table is a versatile piece of furniture with many designs and applications. It is an excellent choice for your home and can go in almost any room. We are sure that once you start using one, you will be able to appreciate it more.

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