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4 Ways to Make Your Living Room a Head Turner

Intentional design will ensure that your living space makes an excellent first impression. While everyone has their own sense of style, there are a few general design principles you can take into consideration when turning your living room into a functional, yet jaw-dropping space. 

If you feel your living room has been lacking a wow factor, a statement piece may be what you need. Something that acts as the highlight and the first place guests’ eyes are drawn can pull the elements of the room together, whether it's a bright-coloured sofa or a show-stopping marble work of art. 

Here are some items you may place in your living room to make it the focal point of the whole house:

Select Furniture That Stands Out 

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, certain living room staples, such as table surfaces and storage suppliers, are just what the doctor prescribed. Furniture that makes a statement may be perceived in a variety of ways, including: 

Colour - Create a colour palette by incorporating accent colours into your furnishings. It doesn't matter if it's a bright emerald green couch or a deep burgundy armchair—what counts is that it's not neutral. 

Material - Rather than wood or glass, go for a coffee table with an unusual material, such as glossy granite. Alternatively, you may enlarge your work. When the dimensions are increased, it becomes difficult to ignore. 

Could you welcome a piece of furniture that isn't a living room mainstay, such as an antique-inspired escritoire that you've arranged as a bar? Or maybe you stumble across a daring design whose message becomes apparent only when it is put to use, enabling you to appreciate its clever and fascinating utility. Allow yourself to let your inner creative loose and find something that reflects your personality and the overall energy you want your home to give off. 

Choose Sofas & Chairs with a Statement 

One of the best places to create some noise in a cozy environment is the upholstery. If the size of a couch seems daunting, go for a statement chair. Keep in mind that it's not always a matter of fabric choice. The design and form of your furniture also play a role in creating a buzz. Furniture can convey loudness and vibrancy, and it can simply catch your eye and divert your attention away from another element in the space. 

Invest in Impressive Artwork

Aside from furniture and lighting, statement artwork has the ability to overshadow everything else in the space for a straightforward reason: art is a spectator sport. While your attention is naturally drawn to everything in a living room design, most of the more prominent objects are for utility. Sofas and chairs are used for seating, while coffee tables and side tables provide resting places for beverages and periodicals, among other things. 

Artwork, on the other hand, exists to be seen, absorbed, and appreciated. It is well-known for being a window into the owner's spirit, as well as their tastes and quirks. Because art may reveal a lot about a person, the phrase is broad. Of course, when the art is more extensive than life, the message becomes much louder. 

Install Lighting with a Personality 

This may be one of the most hypnotic shows your living room has ever seen. Statement lighting is more than just selecting an enticing light source; it is also about understanding how to apply it to the space. 

Illumination may be statement-making not only because of the exquisite simplicity of each thin shaft of light but also because of the emotions they can evoke when hung from the ceiling, giving the impression that you are beneath a shower of shooting stars or torrents of golden rain. The statement's three components are the light itself, the lighting supplied, and the transformational effect on the whole living area. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you're conventional and appreciate classic design or glam and need more decoration in your life, go outside of your comfort zone and try one of our decorating ideas to add wow-factor to any space.

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