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5 Reasons Why Sleeping in a Recliner Is Better than a Bed

Have you ever wondered why people sleep better in a reclining chair than on a bed? If you have, you're not alone. Many people who have trouble falling asleep have traded their traditional beds for sleeping recliners. Even doctors suggest recliner chairs to patients suffering from various health issues, including breathing and cardiovascular concerns.

A recliner is a functional furniture item used for relaxing or even sleeping. It is made from a durable frame supported by a spring mechanism or an electric motor. It is equipped with leg rests, cushions, and headrests to provide a relaxing, comfortable feel.

Here are five reasons why sleeping in a recliner is better than a bed:

1. Relieves Back Pain and Aids in Breathing

According to the researchers, the 135-degree reclining position places the least strain on the spine. It may lower the incidence of back pain. Many people also experience back pain caused by sleeping in uncomfortable beds.

The recliner chair allows your body to recline at varying angles to provide the ultimate comfort. It is designed to provide your back with the same support without being restrictive.

The wrong sleeping posture slows down your breathing, relaxing your neck, chest, and back muscles. The recliner chair provides an easy method for breathing and relaxing—people suffering from asthma sleep better in a recliner since a mattress does not bind them. The recliner chair forces you to recline, and it keeps you at the perfect angle, which allows for easier breathing.

2. Improves Circulation

Swollen legs and feet are caused by inadequate blood circulation, while clogged veins are caused by prolonged standing or sitting. Your body circulation is naturally diverted, and blood flow is improved by raising your legs and feet on a recliner.

Sleeping in a recliner allows more blood to flow, allowing the blood to reach all parts of the body, including the organs. This is especially helpful to the heart and lungs. When blood flows to the major organs, oxygen is delivered to the body, which further helps the body heal.

3. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Studies have shown that recliners help relieve stress and anxiety. NASA came up with the zero-gravity (or Zero-G) position, a neutral body position maximizing weightlessness. NASA positions astronauts before launch to equalize their weight and lessen stress. 

This is why sleeping in recliners could improve mental and physical health. It allows you to sleep in this Zero-G position, relieving your muscles. The effect reduces stress and anxiety levels, promoting better sleep and improving mental health.

4. Helps Pregnant Women Sleep Better

Falling asleep can be difficult, confusing, and unpleasant for pregnant women. The weight of their unborn child can cause back pain and discomfort in some expecting mothers.

This can make it difficult to get comfortable in bed. While there is a particular support pillow for sleeping to minimize tossing and turning and ensure that they get enough hours of sleep every night.

A recliner is more comfortable than a bed for sleeping. Many pregnant women report being able to fall and stay asleep in a recliner or an adjustable bed because they can sleep in a posture that is comfortable and healthy for their changing bodies.

5. Helps Prevent Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea

Many people experience acid reflux or heartburn just because of their sleeping position. It happens because gravity stops pushing your stomach contents away when you lie down. Instead, sleeping in a reclined position may be a better option. Doing so helps ease heartburn by keeping your body in a more upright position.

In a study in 2012, recliners were found to decrease sleep disturbances by 65 per cent. Due to the recliner's design, the head stays elevated, preventing acid reflux and sleep apnea.


Now you know the benefits of sleeping in a recliner, you should consider having one in your home. Sleep is a luxury that we need to provide ourselves, as it improves our health and longevity. The best sleep you might be dreaming of lies in a sleeping recliner that can be yours today.

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