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Why Wooden Wine Racks Would Suit Your Home Storage Best

Whether you’re receiving wine shipments from your favourite winery, ordering them as part of a wine-of-the-month club, or just picking up a few bottles at the neighbourhood liquor store, storing wine bottles correctly is crucial to maintaining their distinct form and taste. Direct sunlight will ruin its character; that’s why they need to be stored in non-windowed areas such as a refrigerator or a rack.

There are different benefits to either approach, however. Storing wine bottles in a wine refrigerator is best to ensure they stay at the correct temperature and are ready to drink. On the other hand, using wine racks is a great way to showcase your wine and storage bottles that you might not have enough room for in the wine refrigerator.

Take it from us; it’s better to use custom wood furniture when keeping your vinos together. Wood is the most suitable material to use when making wine racks. It is durable, beautiful, and sturdy. When you think about how you want your wine to be displayed in your home, wood wine racks are an appealing option. Some considerations as to why include:

Easy Interior Design

One of the most apparent benefits of wooden wine racks is their woodwork. The material can come in multiple finishes, such as walnut, cherry, redwood, oak, bamboo, and more since it is classified as custom wood furniture. This ensures that your wine will match the colour scheme of your home or business. 

Wooden wine racks also offer different styles. You can choose from grid, diamond, drawer, and shelf racks. Choosing between these will depend on a few factors, including whether you’re storing bottles in a place that’s more public. How you store your wine depends on the type of rack you buy. Wooden wine racks are an attractive choice for any wine collection.

Easy Storage

When storing your wine bottles, you need someplace safe to keep them. There are many options, but wood is one of the best for versatility. For example, if you keep your bottles close by in a kitchen, an in-cabinet wine rack is an excellent option to keep them out of sight but still within easy reach.

Wine racks are also available in various sizes, from as small as a single compartment to as large as you can fit in the space you have. Since they are considered custom wood furniture, you can specify its dimensions for a specific number of bottles. Wine racks that are too big for your wine collection can be unpredictable and often wind up being useless. 

You might be better off purchasing a smaller rack that you can eventually expand to fit your growing collection. Free-standing wine racks are typically a single row of compartments, but you can buy multiple rows that stack on top of each other to save space and allow for efficient storage.

Lastly, if you have a basement or cellar, you can use a freestanding rack to hold more wine bottles than could otherwise fit in that space. A freestanding wine rack can be any size you need while still providing room for storing dozens of wine bottles.

Different Benefits Depending on Structure

The two forms of this custom wood furniture can be vertical or horizontal.

  • Horizontal: These wine racks are the best for short-term and long-term storage as they prevent the cork from drying out, shrinking, and ruining the entire drink.

  • Vertical: These are the best used for short-term storage with wines consumed young.

Make Your First Custom Wood Furniture a Wine Rack

Wine racks are a simple necessity for every wine lover. Well-designed racks are easy to maintain and add aesthetic value to your home, too, since they also come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Be sure to choose the most convenient one for you and your wine bottle storage so you won’t regret it!

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